Go West

This month is flying by so quickly with our move across the provinces looming large. In addition to all the packing we're getting all our visits in to friends and family we won't see for a long time.

I had to say farewell to a dear friend I've known all my life. In the early years we were just around the corner from each other. Then we both became "country girls." Later we had our first babies at the same time.
I was fine until after we left. The truck started up. Then this song came on. I had put an old mix cd in, not knowing what songs were on it. As it started playing, it hit me again that we're really doing this, we're really going to be far from everything and everyone we've ever known.

Including the little girl who used to live on my street, who now has a little boy who is friends with my little boy.

We'll miss you.


Fifteen Months

...although it seems like he's always been a part of our family. He has a pretty big vocabulary and communicates well. He hangs out in the kitchen when I'm making supper and keeps asking for 'upper and whimpering 'cause he's hungry! We have muffim for breakfast, gackers for snacks and ahder to drink. Mommy uses the gakuum to keep the carpet clean, he knows he has to stay down! bum!, on his chair. He loves playing pee-boo and taking bafs.

My favorite words are his uv you, nigh nigh before bed. Then it is time for seep.

He's had his share of tumbles- off the picnic table, high chair, even his crib. He loves to climb, anywhere and everywhere- which is a source of stress for poor Mommy. He also knows how to do a good fake-cry for attention. But I'm on to that... ;)